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Telescope to navigate for you?

Telescope to navigate for you?

What is more important?

What is more important?



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Optical Design

Optical Design


telescope design that combines a

spherical mirror with a lens in a

design that takes advantage of

all the surfaces being nearly

"spherically symmetrical"


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  • EdgeHD is an aplanatic Schmidt telescope designed to produce aberration-free images across a wide visual and photographic field of view

  • Celestron C11 XLT CGE OTA

    Price £2,479.00

    Celestron Schmidt-Cassegrain Optical Tube Assemblies (OTA) are available individually for use with your favorite mount

  • Sky-Watcher SkyMax 102...

    Price £429.00

    The exciting new Sky-Watcher SynScan Alt-Azimuth GO-TO Mount is a precision engineered instrument that will allow you to easily find and enjoy viewing night sky treasures, such as Planets, Nebulae, Star Clusters, Galaxies and much more.

  • Sky-Watcher SkyMax 127...

    Price £529.00

    Sky-Watcher Skymax-127 (AZ) 127mm (5") f/1500 SynScan GO-TO Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope. A larger version of the Skymax-102 providing a massive 55% more light-gathering power, and packing an even more powerful punch than its smaller cousin for medium-to-high-power work.

  • The Heritage-90 packs a powerful punch and is ideal for observing the Moon, planets and double-stars, and also can be used for high power daytime terrestrial viewing

  • Sky-Watcher SkyMax 102

    Price £219.00

    102mm 4inch f/1300 Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope. The Sky-Watcher SKYMAX Maksutov-Cassegrains are the ultimate ‘take-anywhere’ telescopes. They are also ideal if working space is limited.

  • Sky-Watcher SkyMax 90 EQ1

    Price £239.00

    Sky-Watcher Skymax-90 (EQ-1) 90mm (3.5") f/1250 Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope. The Sky-Watcher SKYMAX Maksutov-Cassegrains are the ultimate ‘take-anywhere’ telescopes. They are also ideal if working space is limited. Despite their small dimensions they pack a powerful punch.

  • Sky-Watcher Skymax-102 EQ-2 102mm 4" f/1300 Maksutov-Cassegrain Telescope. The ultimate ‘take-anywhere’ telescopes

  • Control your telescope via integrated WiFi using the free Celestron SkyPortal app for iPhone iPad Android devices

    With fully coated glass optics provides outstanding views the Moon and planets, as well as bright deep space objects beyond our Solar System

    Read the critical product review comparison below

  • Skywatcher Skymax 127...

    Price £549.00

    The highly portable Sky-Watcher SKYMAX-127 (VIRTUOSO GTi), has been designed to be controlled wirelessly with your Smartphone or Tablet, using the free SynScan App for iOS or Android. The Virtuoso GTi mounting, with it's built-in WiFi module, creates it’s very own Wi-Fi network, so the mount can be used anywhere, without any reliance on other WiFi or mobile networks.

  • Perfect if you have damaged a Nexstar telescope's optical tube:
    SLT grey (Right), Astro-Fi black (Right), Evolution silver (Left) SE orange (Left)
    Construction & StarBright multi-coated optics are identical in all

    The dovetail position (in brackets) will alter the position of the focuser
    An EQ mounted focuser is different again

    Supplied without mount, tripod, finderscope, visual back, diagonal or eyepieces