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  • AstroMedia Sextant

    Price £21.49

    The classical instrument for measuring angles as used by sailors and discoverers. A sturdy kit with two unbreakable stainless steel mirrors and a sun filter.

    This sextant is not a toy but a fully functional instrument with an accuracy of 5-10 arc minutes!

  • Build a beautiful fully functional magnetic compass to take bearings and find the cardinal points. This excellent kit is more than a toy and allows an accurate fix on land and sea marks. Comes with its own protective case


    • Unit size: Compass Ø 78 x 48 mm, Case: 107 x 107 x 80 mm
    • Imprint area size: 21 x 12 mm on brass plate
    • Weight: 650 g incl. wooden case
  • Our Goethe Wall Barometer is hand blown from a traditional glass formula called “forest glass” in Lauscha, Thuringia in Germany. It is a copy of the original barometer from 1792/93 that was found in Goethe’s house in Weimar after his death. The slight green tinge of the glass and its texture make it look like a real antique. 


    • Unit size: Compass: Ø 69 x 29 mm, Case: 93 x 93 x 51 mm
    • Imprint area size: 21 x 12 mm on brass plate
    • Weight: 400 g incl. wooden case
  • Astromedia Pocket Kite

    Price £6.49

    Incredible: a key ring that turns into a proper kite of nearly half a metre wingspan! It doesn’t need any rods, it is stabilised by two air pockets. The whole kite fits into a tiny pocket that is attached to a key ring. A fantastic toy for young and old. Complete with 15 metre string on a spindle.


    • Unit size: Ø 110 x 50 mm; Case: 145 x 148 x 70 mm
    • Imprint area size: Ø 50 mm on base, 21 x 12 mm on brass plate
    • Weight: 900 g incl. wooden case
  • Air ship shaped balloon, 3 m long, 0.6 m thick, made from thin black film. The sun warms up the enclosed air and makes the zeppelin rise, even in winter. Complete with 50 m string. 

    1. a)Room thermometer, range 14°C to 31°C in steps of 1°C, 18 x 130 mm, self-adhesive

    2. b) Round thermometer, range 14°C to 32°C in steps of 2°C, diameter 50 mm, self-adhesive

    3. c)Fever thermometer, range 35°C to 40°C in steps of 1°C, 18 x 90 mm. Just press on the forehead for 5 seconds to measure the body temperature.

  • Crookes Radiometer -...

    Price £23.95

    The Crookes Radiometer, also known as a “light mill”, consists of a partly evacuated glass bulb, inside of which a set of vanes is suspended on a vertical axle. One side of the vanes is black, the other silver coloured. When exposed to bright light, the vanes start rotating about the axle. 

  • The Goethe Barometer consists of a partly filled glass sphere with stand that has a spout attached to its bottom. The spout is open at the top, which allows the atmospheric pressure to change the level of the liquid inside.

  • Galileo Thermometer -...

    Price £34.95

    The principle of this thermometer was discovered by Galileo Galilei: Suspended in the liquid inside the cylinder are a number of weights which are attached to sealed glass bulbs.