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  • Peanut Window Feeder

    Price £4.95

    This feeder is ideal for those new to bird feeding, or those with small gardens or balconies. Window feeders are a great way to watch your garden birds close up.

  • Hedgehogs like to nest under sheds, hedges and brushwood, but this hedgehog house offers an excellent alternative. To make it habitable, part-fill the nest chamber with dried leaves. Place the box in a secluded corner and cover with soil or leaves to boost the chances of the box being used.

  • Anyone that is enthusiastic about feeding garden birds will no doubt be aware of how popular wild bird peanut butter is amongst their feathered friends. It is not only popular with small garden birds but with squirrels, crows and other large birds who are all happy to devour the peanut butter.

  • Butterfly Feeder

    Price £6.99

    Insect Lore's own butterfly feeder makes attracting and caring for butterflies easy! 

    Bright colours and elegant design make it super-functional - at least the butterflies think so! 

  • There is a shortage of natural nesting sites, which is thought to be one of the major factors behind the decline of some of our once most-common birds. By putting up nest boxes, such as this, which replicates a bird's natural nesting preferences, you can encourage them to breed near your home.

  • Order 3+ For 20% Discount

    Our Original Peanut Butter for Birds was the flagship product in this innovative range of calorie-rich bird food. This unique blend of tallow, flour and rape oil will be a popular choice with a wide variety of garden bird species from Blue Tits to woodpeckers.

  • Hedgehog Bowl & Food

    Price £9.95

    This is the perfect present for hedgehog fans! This hedgehog pack contains a beautifully illustrated hedgehog feeding bowl and a pack of Hedgehog Food. A quality product - CJ Wildlife Branded.

  • C J Wildbird - Metal...

    Price £49.95
    • Sturdy Metal Feeder with strong Polycarbonate Tube
    • 60cm Length
    • 8 Feeding Ports
    • Hinged perches allow easier feeding position for Birds
    • Sturdy Metal Feeder with strong Polycarbonate Tube
    • 60cm Length
    • 8 Feeding Ports
    • Hinged perches allow easier feeding position for Birds
  • Kew Gardens - Paris...

    Price £15.95

    These squirrel resistant feeders have a strong outer mesh that the squirrels and large birds cannot enter through. 
    The smaller garden birds can enter through the outer mesh and feed from the inner mesh in the safety from predators. 

  • These Peanut Cake Tubes are made to our own unique recipe, making them a great source of essential fats and calories for your garden birds and the best quality energy-rich fat cakes you can buy!

  • Hedgehog Feast

    Price £3.50

    Order 3+ For 20% Discount!

    This is the perfect present for hedgehog fans! Our Hedgehog Feast is a tasty and balanced food for hedgehogs. The recipe is designed to reflect the latest research and analysis into the optimum diet for a hedgehog. The feast contains hedgehog snacks, rolled oats, sunflower hearts, red maize, kibbled peanuts, vegetable oil and chicken powder.

  • Insects are integral to achieving a balanced ecosystem in your garden. Species such as ladybirds and lacewings will help to control aphids, and bees deliver an essential pollination service.

  • This hanging bird table is ideal for gardens with limited space or if you need a feeder to keep out of reach of pets. The stainless steel mesh bottom allows water to drain easily, keeping food fresh.