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Weather Meteorology

Weather Meteorology

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  • - Designed to digitally indicate the temperature, air humidity, time and indoor air 
    - Comfort index for air humidity with "too dry - optimal - too humid" display; for a healthy indoor climate 
    - Weather forecast: sunny, cloudy, slightly cloudy, rainy 

  • Astromedia Pocket Kite

    Price £6.49

    Incredible: a key ring that turns into a proper kite of nearly half a metre wingspan! It doesn’t need any rods, it is stabilised by two air pockets. The whole kite fits into a tiny pocket that is attached to a key ring. A fantastic toy for young and old. Complete with 15 metre string on a spindle.

  • For digital meteorological observation, with a radio clock 
    DC F radio clock which automatically adjusts to the world's most accurate clock 
    - Two-part set consisting of a base station and a wireless outdoor sensor (433 MHz) to display the time, weekday and date 

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    • Temperature - displays indoor and outdoor in either F or C
    • Humidity - displays indoor and outdoor with built-in hygrometer
    • Clock - digital quartz for accurate time