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  • Astromedia Pocket Kite

    Price £6.49

    Incredible: a key ring that turns into a proper kite of nearly half a metre wingspan! It doesn’t need any rods, it is stabilised by two air pockets. The whole kite fits into a tiny pocket that is attached to a key ring. A fantastic toy for young and old. Complete with 15 metre string on a spindle.

  • Air ship shaped balloon, 3 m long, 0.6 m thick, made from thin black film. The sun warms up the enclosed air and makes the zeppelin rise, even in winter. Complete with 50 m string. 

    1. a)Room thermometer, range 14°C to 31°C in steps of 1°C, 18 x 130 mm, self-adhesive

    2. b) Round thermometer, range 14°C to 32°C in steps of 2°C, diameter 50 mm, self-adhesive

    3. c)Fever thermometer, range 35°C to 40°C in steps of 1°C, 18 x 90 mm. Just press on the forehead for 5 seconds to measure the body temperature.

  • A small tube that has a great effect: Take two ordinary plastic drink bottles, fill one two thirds with water and  then connect the two bottles with our Bottle Tornado tube. When you now turn the bottles upside-down, the water starts gurgling down, creating a large vortex (you might have to squeeze the lower bottle a bit to start the process)

  • Our Goethe Wall Barometer is hand blown from a traditional glass formula called “forest glass” in Lauscha, Thuringia in Germany. It is a copy of the original barometer from 1792/93 that was found in Goethe’s house in Weimar after his death. The slight green tinge of the glass and its texture make it look like a real antique. 

  • - Designed to digitally indicate the temperature, air humidity, time and indoor air 
    - Comfort index for air humidity with "too dry - optimal - too humid" display; for a healthy indoor climate 
    - Weather forecast: sunny, cloudy, slightly cloudy, rainy 

  • Hama LCD Thermometer

    Price £7.95

    - Designed to digitally indicate the temperature, time, weekday and date 
    - Measures the temperature in both degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit 

  • Homecast Deluxe Weather Station
    • On sale!
    • Real time, detailed  weather information
    • 5 icon animated display gives quick reference to the current weather 
    • Barometric Pressure Bar Chart gives full weather picture
    • Features that help plan your day:
    • Weather trends
    • Sunrise/Sunset and  Moonrise/Moonset times based on your location in Europe
  • Crookes Radiometer -...

    Price £23.95

    The Crookes Radiometer, also known as a “light mill”, consists of a partly evacuated glass bulb, inside of which a set of vanes is suspended on a vertical axle. One side of the vanes is black, the other silver coloured. When exposed to bright light, the vanes start rotating about the axle. 

  • The Goethe Barometer consists of a partly filled glass sphere with stand that has a spout attached to its bottom. The spout is open at the top, which allows the atmospheric pressure to change the level of the liquid inside.

  • For digital meteorological observation, with a radio clock 
    - The barometer shows the atmospheric pressure, thus allowing you to accurately monitor changes in the weather 
    DC F radio clock which automatically adjusts to the world's most accurate clock 

  • Galileo Thermometer -...

    Price £34.95

    The principle of this thermometer was discovered by Galileo Galilei: Suspended in the liquid inside the cylinder are a number of weights which are attached to sealed glass bulbs.

  • - For digital meteorological observation, with a radio clock 
    - Frost alarm is activated at temperatures between -2°C and +3°C and will wake you up in time for scraping ice off the car windows or for clearing the snow 
    DC F radio clock which automatically adjusts to the world's most accurate clock 

  • Fitzroy Storm Glass...

    Price £29.95

    The Storm Glass Barometer came into general use during the early 1700s. Sailors attached this instrument to the mast of their ship and by interpretation of the constantly changing crystal formations within, relied upon it to forecast the weather for nearly 250 years.

  • Celestron Ambassador Hand Magnifier Set
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    • -50%

    Celestron Ambassador Hand...

    Regular price £49.95 -50% Price £24.98
    • Classic design with durable brass finish
    • Precision glass optics for a bright, sharp view
    • 90 mm lens Hand magnifier offers a large bright image with 2x magnification
    • 40 mm lens Tabletop Magnifier offers 4x magnification with hands-free use
    • Elegant, wooden gift box to display or store the magnifiers safely when not in use