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  • For when you do not want rechargeable batteries.

    World's longest lasting AA battery for high-tech devices.

    It's important to understand the benefits of a better battery - that's actually cheaper per hour used...

  • Choose GB size on right

    In Grovers we print thousands of customers images every day of the week. We see a lot of memory cards and in our experience Lexar are the most reliable and will last as long as any available. Beware of cheap memory cards. Your devices can not work as they are designed unless the card at least matches the specification of your device.

  • Spypoint Force-Pro

    Price £219.00

    The FORCE-PRO Trail Camera brings a new level of quality to the SPYPOINT range.

    This unit is fitted with a high-powered 30MP camera for HD photography as well as video capture at 4K resolution (3840x2160px) with audio, which alongside the FORCE-PRO ' s sub-second trigger speed, long distance detection and high-powered LED ' s means users will be able to get the best SPYPOINT experience to-date.

    Supports SD cards up to 128GB (16GB card included).

  • Video & still image JPG in daylight or using infra-red afterdark. This camera can be left in-the-field for weeks discreetly capturing footage

  • Well-disguised in woodland camouflage and equipped with an infrared LED illumination, the BRESSER Observation camera/game camera 55° 8MP can be used both for surveillance as well as for impressive close-ups of even the most shy of animals

  • Spypoint Cell-Link

    Price £84.95

    The Cell-Link converts non-cellular trail cameras into full-fledge cellular trail cameras. Send MMS Images To Smartphone

  • Spypoint Link-Micro-Lte

    Price £199.00

    The Link Micro LTE is the smallest cellular trail camera on the market, as well as being one of the easiest to set-up & activate.

  • This double pack of LINK-MICRO-LTE Cellular Trail Cameras offers its users twice the surveillance of a single LINK-MICRO-LTE at a competitive price.

  • Spypoint Force-20

    Price £129.00

    The new edition to the FORCE Series, the FORCE-20 Trail Camera has a 20 MP camera, the highest megapixel trail camera to be designed by Spypoint. The camera captures up to 5 photos per detection with the devices multi-shot mode.

    We recommend the rechargeable lithium battery (see below). These work in lower temperatures than the popular alkaline type. Cheap zinc carbon batteries are not suitable

  • An easy to use, Bluetooth wireless controller designed to operate the Pulsar Krypton XG/FXG50 & Forward F/FN455 models that can be attached to any convenient part of the rifle for high-speed changes. Due to the low energy consumption design, a CR2032 battery provides the device with several months of power.

  • Spypoint Link-S-Dark

    Price £389.00

    Integrated solar panel and lithium battery technology delivers an all-in-one unit with incredible battery life.

  • Pulsar APS3 Battery Pack

    Price £39.95

    Miniature power elements used in Axion and Thermion models provide sufficient operation time and can be quickly replaced.

  • Pulsar IPS7 Battery Pack

    Price £82.95

    An interchangeable standard power supply for Trail, Helion, Digisight Ultra, Accolade and Forward units. Grants 10-13 hours operating time and has smart charging.