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  • Featuring the same high performance optics as the full size Endurance binoculars, with the added versatility of an ultra compact design.

  • Helios Star Field 2X40 Binoculars Home Grovers Optics
    • New

    A compact instrument based on a modified Galilean optical system design; a useful and fun addition to any astronomer’s toolkit, bridging the gap between naked eye astronomy and more traditional binocular astronomy.

  • Used Opticron Explorer WA ED Oasis C 10x42 Binoculars Grovers
    • New

    Was £229 & in excellent condition with a 10 year warranty. The Explorer WA ED 10x42 delivers quality and ergonomics. ED optics and the latest multi-coatings for extra light transmission and colour contrast.

  • Opticron Oregon 4 PC 8x42
    • New

    Nearly New & In Very Good Condition. Comes With Manufacturer's 5 Year Warranty

    The Oregon 4 PC nitrogen waterproof series offer the first-time or occasional user with a high standard of optical performance and functionality in a highly desirable and well constructed body

  • Very good condition, complete & with a 30 year warranty

    Distinctively stylish, Verano BGA PC roof prism compacts are designed with a single hinge chassis for easy one hand operation.

  • Very good condition with 30 year warranty

    Remaining true to the original design concept; a range of compact, lightweight and ergonomically sound instruments This binocular steps-up the challenge to premium roof prism binoculars offering outstanding performance and value for money

  • Used Opticron 10x32...

    Price £259.00

    Nearly New with manufacturers 30 year warranty.

    Smaller, lighter, brighter, sharper. The Opticron Traveller BGA ED breaks new ground for 32mm field binoculars aimed at the enthusiast and serious user. The all-new optical system delivers wide field 6.5° with unparalleled cross-field resolution, light transmission and colour correction

  • Swarovski NL Pure 8x42

    Price £2,370.00

    Thanks to the perfect pairing of a huge, revolutionary field of view with barely perceptible edges and groundbreaking design, the new NL Pure opens up a whole new dimension of observation

    • Universal tripod mount-- Ideal for any medium - large binoculars like the Celestron Echelon, SkyMaster, Cavalry, and Cometron models
    • Compatible with any standard tripod head or tripod mounting plate
    • Tripod adapter and reflex sight rail attach quickly and easily to both the tripod and the binocular
    • Fully Multi-Coated optical system – BK-7 prisms
    • 6× magnification and an adjustable dioptre
    • High light transmission with true colour optics
    • Standard/Horizontal Distance/Angle/Rain/Hunt modes
    • Wide Angle optical system – 420ft/140m @ 1000yds
    • Measure distances accurate to +/- 1 metre/yard
    • Auto shut off battery save feature

    See below for manual instructions download

  • Entry level general-purpose compact binoculars, the Opticron T4 Trailfinder WP series offer excellent all-round performance and value for money

  • The Imagic BGA VHD remains true to the original Imagic concept offering the discerning buyer a stylish lightweight ergonomic binocular with outstanding performance for its price

  • Kowa BD 10x25 DCF

    Price £239.00

    Designed and manufactured in Japan, the BD25s are a highly compact class binocular. These binoculars pack features that are normally only found on much larger models. The fully multi coated lenses and C3 prism coatings, allow for first class light transmission and guarantee for brighter and sharper images. All the internal optics are made from eco glass, making the manufacturing process very environmentally friendly. The dual barrel design makes the binoculars easy and comfortable to hold even for long periods of time. They also have a very close focus distance of just 1.8m. They are 100% waterproof and have also been purged and sealed by N (nitrogen) gas to prevent internal fogging. The body is rubber armoured to safe guard the internal lenses and this rubber surface also doubles as firm grip which allows you to hold the binoculars even in wet conditions.