Spotting Scopes

Spotting Scopes

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Active filters

    • ED glass for optimum clarity
    • Dielectric Coatings designed to increase light reflectivity
    • Fully Multi-Coated for sharp images
    • Close focus – from 5m
    • BAK-4 Porro prisms for intense colour and contrast
    • Dual focus knob - fine focusing
    • Body rotation for viewing in any position
    • Stay-on cover for maximum protection
    • Twist-up eye cup - pull out sunshade
    • Digi-scope compatible with your camera
  •  For Hawke 50/56mm Endurance & 50mm Nature-Trek Spotting Scopes. Digiscoping with a camera specific T-Ring (Canon EOS / Nikon / Micro 4:3 etc) - see below.

  • Micro 4:3 Four-Thirds...

    Price £24.95

    A T-Ring is one of the first accessories you will need if you want to take pictures through a telescope or spotting scope.  If you have a "Four Thirds" camera body, then this T-Ring is for you.

  • Swarovski BTX Binocular...

    Price £2,625.00

    Available In-Store To Try

    The BTX combines the visual power of both eyes with a revolutionary viewing experience. Crucial subtleties can be seen with the crystal clear optics, with every detail now fully on show. A forehead rest and angled view guarantee comfortable viewing for hours on end.

  • Swarovski STX Spotting...

    Price £2,320.00

    Many people prefer the straight view of the STX eyepiece module because it allows them to observe and find moving targets, such as animals, more easily. It is also well suited to digiscoping and use in a car or stand.

  • Swarovski ATX Spotting...

    Price £2,350.00

    Available In-Store To Try

    With its angled view, the ATX eyepiece module helps you to comfortably seek out your target.

  • Swarovski ST Vista 30x95

    Price £9,699.00

    Grovers OpticsShop was the first to supply this telescope to a UK customer. Our customer is delighted with their purchase.

    Breathtaking! The ST Vista is the ultimate outdoor spotting scope and destined to become the new highlight of your vantage point. Thanks to its brilliant optics, visitors will linger longer and immerse themselves in the moment. Waterproof & finished in a brushed aluminum.

  • Fotomate VT-680-222R

    Price £215.00

    The Fotomate VT-680-222R is an excellent, professional standard tripod for video cameras & DSLR’s, as well as for spotting scopes, small telescopes and most large observation binoculars. Features a generous maximum payload capacity of 8kg and an impressive maximum height of 197cm.

    • Fully multi-coated optics to produce sharp images
    • Close focus - see detail from 11.5ft/3.5m
    • BAK-4 porro prisms for intense colour and contrast
    • Body rotation for viewing in virtually any position
    • Stay-on soft scope cover for maximum protection
    • Fold down eye cup and pull out sunshade
    • Digi-scope compatible for use with your camera
  • Innovative accessories that are perfectly tailored to these binoculars enhance the functionality of your equipment. Apart from being user-friendly, harmonious design also plays a key role. Our accessories offer you all kinds of useful add-ons, allowing you to tailor your SWAROVSKI OPTIK binoculars to your personal needs.


  • Designed for the value conscious outdoor enthusiast and bird watcher, the new Barr & Stroud spotting scopes are possibly the best value in the market today. The Barr & Stroud Target is waterproof and features rugged armoured construction for years of performance. 
  • Stay-on-the-Scope Waterproof in Black
    Water resistant multi-layer padded cases individually designed to fit each model. Protects instrument while fitted to a tripod and in use. Includes removable end caps and adjustable carry strap.

    Stay-on-the-Scope Waterproof in Green.
    As Black models but supplied with a fully adjustable neoprene carry strap for extra comfort.

  • BSP bino suspender pro

    Keeping your binoculars comfortably close at hand: the bino suspender takes the strain off the neck area by evenly distributing weight across the upper body.