Solar Observation

Solar Observation

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  • AstroMedia Solar...

    Price £4.49

    If you want to look straight into the sun, you should only do so with the proper eye protection. 

  • Lunt LS60THaDS60/B1200CPT...

    Price £5,009.00

    Complete H-alpha solar telescope with 60mm aperture and additional 60mm double-stack filter system. The telescope can be used with <0.7 Angstrom bandwidth or with <0.5 Angstrom bandwidth, both at the full aperture of 60mm!
    With advanced air-pressure tuning system, B1200 blocking-filter, and Crayford focuser.


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    Solar film produced in the USA by one of the suppliers recommended by NASA for safe solar viewing of sun spots, an solar eclipse or a planetary transit of the sun.

  • PST Hard Case

    Price £128.95

    PSTC hard case for the Coronado PST. Enhance the portability of your PST while protecting your investment with this custom hard case. Also available in combination with Malta table top tripod, see stock number Malta-2.

    Note: case uses foam inserts from original packaging of PST telescope. Foam not included.

  • Automatic Solar Go-To Tracking Mount & Tripod With HelioFind™ Solar Alignment Technology. Solar observing has just been made incredibly easy!

    Sky-Watcher's clever and technologically innovative SolarQuest™ mount is extremely user-friendly and provides a safe experience for automatically locating and observing the sun with your solar telescope

  • A superb pair of solar eclipse glasses fully CE approved for safe viewing of eclipses, transits and larger sunspots filtering out 100% of harmful UV whilst showing a true orange solar disk.

  • Tested in Germany under the stringent safety requirements of DIN EN ISO 12312-2 : 2015-11 and certified 100% safe for solar observation. Watch Solar Eclipses, Sun Spots, Planet Transits, crossing aircrafts and satellites.

  • Lunt LS1.25HW 1.25"...

    Price £157.00

    The Lunt 1.25" White Light Solar Herschel-Wedge is designed for use with refracting telescopes up to 150mm aperture with 1.25" focusers. This provides superior White Light views and images of the Solar surface, granulation and Sunspots. Complete system with installed ND3.0 Neutral Density filter.

  • Lunt LS60THa/B1200CPT...

    Price £2,728.00

    The Lunt 60mm H-alpha OTA + B1200 BF + Crayford + P Tuner is a complete H-alpha Solar Telescope with 60mm aperture and <0.7 Angstrom bandwidth. With new air-pressure tuning system and B1200 Blocking Filter, that provides a smaller vignetting for imaging.