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Spares Parts

Spares for mainly telescopes but we can also

supply some parts for other optics as well.


Please contact us if you need a service quote.

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Spares Parts

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  • This flashable Celestron NexStar hand control (HC) is compatible with NexStar SE and CPC GPS series computerized telescopes.

    This is NOT the current NexStar + hand controller! If you are replacing a Nexstar + HC you must buy another + HC & not this.

    You are likely to need the firmware reflashing with this HC connected to your mount. See this link for details

  • This flashable Celestron NexStar hand control is compatible with Advanced VX, CG5-GT, CGEM and CGE Pro series computerized telescopes.

    This is NOT the new "NexStar+" hand controller!

    • NexStar+ Hand Control is compatible with all altazimuth (AZ) NexStar telescopes.
    • Flash upgradeable via the Internet; latest updates can be found at
    • 40,000-object database.
    • Dual line, 16-character LCD screen with adjustable backlighting.
    • RS-232 connection for computer control.
  • This handset cable allows the SkyWatcher SynScan handset to connect to the EQ6 Pro equatorial mount. Please note this cable will only suit the above and is not supplied as standard with handsets.
    Coily cable with correct fittings for EQ6 PRO - please note image may differ from the cable supplied

  • Sky-Watcher R.A. economy motor drive for EQ1 Can be fitted to any of our telescopes supplied with the EQ1 equatorial mount.

  • Fits Selected SkyWatcher and Celestron Tripods. There may be a colour difference grey/black.

    Celestron: Astromaster, SLT, SkyProdigy, LCM, Nexstar, SE

    SkyWatcher SynScan AZ Mounts: Mercury 707, StarTravel 102, SkyHawk 1145p, Explorer 130p, SkyMax 102 & 127

  • Fits Celestron Astromaster (Grey), LCM & SLT (Black) Tripods.

    SkyWatcher GT (Black) Models

    Choose your colour in the selector.

    NOTE: Both colours are the same size, shape & will fit either variety of tripod.

    10% Discount When Buying 3

  • Celestron AstroMaster...

    Price £15.95

    220mm is suitable for Astromaster 130, 130MD & 90mm with CG3 mount. Diameter is approx 13mm.

    We can also supply the 270mm version for the CG2 - eg Astromaster 114EQ

  • This is the tripod only it does NOT INCLUDE the mount or hand controller.

    Fits Celestron SLT 90, 102,127 & 130. Also SkyProdigy series.

    Also suitable replacement for Sky-Watcher AZ-GT / SupaTrak 102,127,130 & 114

    Colour of plastic parts may vary from the original part

    Includes accessory tray

  • Choose your telescope on right. You can not alter the focuser from the original variety. These are for the Newtonian Reflector from the Astromaster 114, 130 & 130MD. Also the SLT130 telescope. All are rack & pinion focusers & made by Celestron (OEM)

  • Choose Your Telescope Size - On Right

    Includes both mirrors & spider assembly.

    Does NOT come with Focuser, Red Dot Finder or orange Dovetail Mount

  • Sold in pairs

    Choose Model From Scroll Down Menu - on the right

    Some rods may be of equal length.

    Otherwise: EQ3-2 - 13cm & 19cm. EQ2 29cm & 33cm. EQ2-5/AZ3 All fit each other but lengths vary.

  • Suitable for:

    Sky-Watcher: EQ-2, EQ3-2, AZ-3, AZ-5, AZ-GT(i), SolarQuest & Pronto

    Celestron: Nexstar SLT, SkyProdigy, LCM, Astromaster & Explorer ranges

    Individual leg (3) is 168mm (6.6 inch) long

    Choose the variety required from the choices in the scroll menu