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Spares Parts

Spares for mainly telescopes but we can also

supply some parts for other optics as well.


Please contact us if you need a service quote.

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Spares Parts

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  • Fits All Brands inc SkyWatcher & Celestron. The Celestron Star Pointer Finderscope is the way to go if you want the easiest way possible to locate an object and center it in your eyepiece. Instructions below description.

  • Celestron Astromaster...

    Price £64.95

    Replacement tripod for a Celestron AstroMaster 130, 130MD, 114, 90 & 76. It will not fit any other telescope.

    It does not include the mount or optical tube - see image

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  • Comes complete including the bolts for the mount attachment & accessory tray.

    Will fit all the SE range of mounts - 4SE 5SE 6SE 8SE

    Also Celestron 4i 5i 4GT 5GT Telescopes

    This tripod does NOT have include the (imaging) wedge which is standard with the new 4SE & 5SE. However this tripod is cheaper!

    Wedge 93665 will fit this tripod

  • Tested in Germany under the stringent safety requirements of DIN EN ISO 12312-2 : 2015-11 and certified 100% safe for solar observation. Watch Solar Eclipses, Sun Spots, Planet Transits, crossing aircrafts and satellites.

  • Sold in pairs

    Choose Model From Scroll Down Menu - on the right

    Some rods may be of equal length. 7.5mm inside-diameter (approx)

    Otherwise: EQ3-2 - 13cm & 19cm. EQ2 29cm & 33cm. EQ2-5/AZ3 All fit each other but lengths vary.

  • Used for indoor display only - as new! This is the tripod only & only suits the Cosmos 90 & Astro-Fi series of telescopes. Sold without original packaging & bolt that attaches accessory tray (use the original one).

    AstroFi 90

    Cosmos 90

    AstroFi 102

    AstroFi 125

    AstroFi 130

  • Celestron C6 Schmit...

    Price £649.00

    Perfect if you have damaged a Nexstar telescope's optical tube:
    SLT grey (Right), Astro-Fi black (Right), Evolution silver (Left) SE orange (Left)
    Construction & StarBright multi-coated optics are identical in all

    The dovetail position (in brackets) will alter the position of the focuser
    An EQ mounted focuser is different again

    Supplied without mount, tripod, finderscope, visual back, diagonal or eyepieces