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  • Please note that this product will not work with CPC 800 GPS or CPC Deluxe 800 HD telescopes without completely removing the finder scope bracket.

  • Get some help polar aligning your Celestron CGEM, Advanced VX, or CG-5 mount with the addition of the Polar Finderscope.  Install the finder into the polar finder port, located at the rear of the mount, and focus the eyepiece until the reticle is sharp.

  • This base will hold most standard fitting finder/red dot scopes and can be attached to almost any telescopes including C8 Schmidt-Cassegrains (SCT).

    It is a precisely machined base, with 2 elongated holes that permit Spacing between the screws ranging from 27-45mm.

    Please be sure to measure your hole spacing to ensure this will fit, prior to purchase.

  • Sky-Watcher Synguider...

    Price £279.00

    The Sky-Watcher SynGuider Auto-Guider can guide an equatorial mount without the help of a PC/Laptop, improving productivity during astro-photography sessions, helping you to obtain perfectly round stars during long exposure times.

  • The HM5 Polar axis finder scope is a very useful accessory for EQ3-2 EQ3 HEQ5 Sky-Watcher equatorial mounts. It speeds up and refines the polar alignment procedure so the observer can spend more valuable time observing, rather than setting up.

  • This is the new Illuminator to replace the old light source of the Microguide eyepiece #2404300

    The new red Log-Pot Illuminator has a very wide (Logarythmic) range of brightness control.

    Will also fit Celestron RACI finderscopes, though will only go in 1.5 turns.

  • Automatically align your computerized Sky-Watcher mount with StarSense.

    No need to identify or locate any star in the sky – StarSense will automatically align your telescope, so you can begin observing in minutes. Plug and play compatibility (see compatibility list).

  • Upgrade for the standard cast tube rings and 45mm dovetail bar supplied with the Evostar-150ED. Constructed from machined aluminium with an anodised finish. Overall weight 2.1kg.

  • Choose from the options on the right

    High quality made dual fit saddle plate for EQ6 mounts.

    20290 - Simply install this new saddle in place of your existing saddle and you will have both vixen and losmandy fits. Well made saddle by Skywatcher.

    Please note item may differ slightly from illustration.

  • Animage unsteady mount or tripod or even an accidental bump to the instrument, and results in reduced image quality. Celestron's set of three Vibration Suppression Pads (VRP) 93503 reduces vibration amplitude time by almost 100%

    • A piggyback ride for your camera!  Let your telescope do the driving while your camera takes beautiful wide-angle images of the sky.
    • Use your own camera lenses to take photographs of the Milky Way,  nebulae, the Moon, and more.
    • Attaches easily to the top rear of any SCT in minutes.
  • The EQ6 extension tube extends the height of the EQ6 mount so it is easier for observer to look into a long refractor. It fits all variants of the EQ6 inc AZ-EQ6GT.

    Installed between the tripod and the mount head, this heavy-duty metal tube adds about 8" in height to the assembly while maintaining the stability of the mount.

    33 x 17 x 17cm. Weight 3 Kg